Tahira Syed

Tahira Syed Malika's Daughter
Tahira Syed's training was imparted to her by two of the most celebrated masters, Ustad Akhtar Hussain and her mother Malika Pukhraj, who has reigned supreme as a ghazal singer for over forty years.

Tahira made her debut at the age of fourteen, when she confidently walked away with two gold medals in the coveted categories of folk song and classical music, at a national radio competition. This launched her into the world of music, however, her training in the detailed nuances of variation improvisation and voice discipline in a range of ragas continued. Like her mother, Tahira continues to enthrall audiences the world over with her rendition of ghazals, geets & folk songs.

An articulate spokesperson for worthy causes, noted for her active participation in charity events, Tahira Syed continues to raise funds for handicapped children, kidney centres, Cancer hospitals, with concerts all over the world.